Oats. Toasted, clustered, crunchy, tasty... we get a lot out of these tiny wholesome, organic little nuggets of loveliness. We bake our oats until crunchy, then add raisins, sunflower seeds, coconut and brazil nuts for an extra crunch and taste! Which is why Bill Jordan was instantly converted to 'the way of the oat' all the way back in the early 1970s when he discovered the goodness of granola in the US.
Morning Crisp
They're a keen-eyed lot our cluster bakers. They bake our crunchy, wholesome clusters in all our Morning Crisp cereals 'by-eye', making sure all those little oats are toasted and baked with rice nuggets, for the perfect amount of time, before adding the essential tasty ingredients for all of our 6 Morning Crisp varieties.
We love muesli. It's more complicated than you think though, but in a good way! There's generally a lot going on in a little bowl. The multitude of different combinations of wholegrain oats (we use lots of oats as they are our most important ingredient), jumbled up with roasted and chopped nuts, toasted wheat flakes and juicy fruit that drives us wild!