ORDANS began with an idea. One that involved harnessing the power of nature to deliver an experience of unparalleled quality that yields unforgettable flavour.


1855 – It Begins in Biggleswade

William Herbert Jordan switches from farming to flour milling and buys Holme Mills in Biggleswade, Bedfordshire, England, thus beginning the Jordans legacy.

1894 – Rising from the Ashes

A huge fire guts the mill, but the family rebuilds and introduces a more efficient metal roller system that helps retain more of the grain’s goodness.

1900s – Tough Times

A Great Depression and two world wars would be tough on anyone, but to make things worse, the mill suffers as industrial factories come into fashion with faster, cheaper production. William “John” Jordan keeps the business afloat by producing animal feed, but it’s just a temporary solution.

1960s – Keeping it in the Family

John’s two sons Bill and David Jordan are now old enough to join the business and are trained as flour millers.

1969 – A Groovy Granola

Bill ditches the mill to tour as a drummer with a rock & blues band (hey, it was the sixties!). While hitchhiking to music festivals across America, he discovers a delicious, crunchy breakfast cereal made by toasting honey and oats together with other natural ingredients and gets a delicious idea.

1970s – A New Business is Born

Bill brings his granola discovery back to the UK, believing these irresistible crunchy cereals could offer Brits the nutritional goodness that other cereal producers were taking out.

With a second-hand bakery oven and a dream, the brothers create their own version of granola they call “The Original Crunchy G”, which quickly gains popularity at county fairs, then health shops and supermarkets.

Morning Crisp Bursting With Nuts

1989 – Oh, Canada!

Jordans cereals finally launch in Canada, filling bowls with the light, crispy crunch that Canadians can’t get enough of.

Jordans Today

Jordans now makes over 30 different healthy, natural and delicious cereals that are enjoyed by people in over 30 countries!
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We’re passionate about the goodness that nature provides. Lean more about what we’re all about.


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