Baking Recipes

Plum & Apple Crumble Tart This delicious little tartlet recipe will fill the house with the smells of Autumn. Read More
40 MIN Easy
Raisin Chocolate Crunchies How can something so simple taste so lip-smackingly good? These tasty crunchies use Jordans Morning Crisp Bursting With Nuts to add... Read More
5 MIN Easy
Strawberry and Lemon Munchkins These little individual cluster cakes are made with melted white chocolate and Jordans Morning Crisp Strawberry, then they are topped... Read More
10 MIN Easy
Strawberry Cheesecake Tart This fancy little number is a great show stopper to serve to friends and family. No baking needed, this... Read More
90 MIN Easy
Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe Whoever came up with the idea of putting cheese in a cake is one clever fellow we’d love to... Read More
40 MIN easy
Easter Simnel Cake Recipe Easter is full of traditions; egg hunts, chocolate, daffodils, spring walks and food. Lots and lots of food. As... Read More
Lemon Muesli Cake Recipe This recipe was created by Ilene Sterns. Ilene won our Domestic Goddess baking contest back in 2009 with her... Read More
35 MIN Easy